The mission of RIFLI is to equip adult immigrants in our communities with the literacy skills necessary for upward mobility, engaged citizenship, strong families and lifelong learning. RIFLI brings together the best practices, staff and resources to lead high performing literacy programs in Rhode Island’s libraries that are most in need of these services.

As a result of public libraries joining together in RIFLI, immigrants in Rhode Island will be educated, engaged and productive members of our 21st century community. RIFLI’s high quality instruction will equip immigrants with English literacy skills for effective reading, writing, speaking, listening, use of technology, and math engagement.

RIFLI’s referrals will allow immigrants to access the wealth of free information, technology and resources available at public libraries and other educational and social service organizations to support their journey toward their goals. They will enter and retain employment, transition to post-secondary and training programs and be positive parental models and active citizens.

Postal Address:

150 Empire Street, Providence, RI 02907



RIFLI's Course Offerings

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