LISC Conducts Annual Compliance Monitoring Reviews of Each Grantee’s Program, Finance and Organizational Documents!

We conduct these reviews to ensure that funds are being managed in compliance with OMB CFR 200, and appropriate program procedures for SNAP E&T are being followed as per USDA, Food and Nutrition Service, as required.

Prior to the review, LISC will send a letter explaining the process and requesting a number of documents for pre-review that must be submitted by a designated date. Reviews take about three hours, sometimes less. Finance and program staffs are required to participate.

The following documentation will be reviewed in detail during the on-site visit. If warranted, additional documentation may be requested.

  • Invoices, cancelled checks, bank statements for each non-personnel charge on financial reports for the month(s) being reviewed
  • Payroll register and time & effort reports
  • Fringe invoices with cancelled checks/bank statement
  • General Ledger review for SNAP E&T charges
  • Procurement files for any consultants
  • 3 participant files (minimum) including assessment documentation
  • Attendance records
  • Student Policies & Procedures

The Following are Common Compliance Issues Identified During a Review:

IssueIncorrect Time Sheets

Time sheets, also called time and effort reports, are required to support the salary/fringe costs charged to federal grants.

Time sheets must:

  • Reflect the time (hours) spent on SNAP E&T (the funding source) each day
  • Coincide with pay periods
  • Be signed by the employee and supervisor

Issue: Procurement Process

This process must be used for consultants or any other instance that requires a contract using government funds.

Documentation Required:

  • RFP or RFQ issued to a minimum of 3 persons/companies with an effort to solicit Minority / Women Business Enterprises (MBE/WBE)
  • All responses to be retained on file
  • Selection criteria documented
  • Interview notes, copies of emails or notes from phone calls – include dates, times, and persons involved
  • checked, printed and in file prior to signing of contract
  • Final selection with rationale, and acceptance (Signed Contract)

Issue: Missing or Incomplete Payment Information

  • All expenses charged to a federal grant must have payment information on file
  • During the compliance visit, LISC will review backup for all invoiced expenses
  • Canceled checks or credit card statement and bank statement showing credit card was paid

Issue: Updating Internal Policy and Procedures Reviews

  • Personnel and Finance/Accounting Policies & Procedures/Procurement Policies should be reviewed/updated at least every 2-3 years
  • If no changes are required, re-issue document with the notation “Reviewed by Board of Directors mm/dd/yyyy”

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